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Mummified Sea Monster on Sale on e-Bay

The remains of a horrible sea creature that washed up on a beach in Florida was sold for $637 on e-Bay today.

Posted by: Link Digger on Jun 10, 06 | 1:48 pm in category Mad Science | [0] comments (3 views) 

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Sign Up Now to Live on a Tropical Island

Website LinkWant to live on a tropical island? For just a few hundred bucks you could turn that fantasy into reality., a new spin on the concept of timeshare vacations, is the brainchild of two British entrepreneurs who are seeking 5,000 people to develop 200-acres (81-hectare) of a lush, Pacific island. Apply online now!

-- Humpf! It all sounded too good to be true, except the 5,000 people part, which is way too many... How about just 100 or so, instead? Too many cooks spoil the pot. With all those dirty butts around it defeats the point of a "tropical island retreat." Read this Reuters news story about (with video): Island Recruiting Residents Online

Posted by: Link Digger on Jun 10, 06 | 1:12 pm in category Odd Places | [0] comments (4 views) 

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Dogs Department Store

Fashion freaks take it to the next level with these expensive designer dog fashions.

Revel in the stupidity

Posted by: Link Digger on Jun 10, 06 | 7:24 am in category Freaky Pets | [0] comments (4 views) 

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They'll Be Calling You "Super Pussy" In No Time!

Remedy for the gal who has been ruined by taking too many big dicks. Be sure to specify priority one delivery when ordering, gals. Oh and guys: it works great for stretched assholes, too!

Restore Grand Central Station now

Posted by: Link Digger on Jun 10, 06 | 1:53 am in category Gadgets/Products | [0] comments (3 views) 

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Haunted Andy Griffith-Mayberry Game

"...all I know is I just want this thing out of my house. I wouldn't say I am afraid of ghosts because I have no proof that they exist, but this thing is freaking me out."

Ghosts in game

Posted by: Link Digger on Jun 10, 06 | 1:42 am in category Bizarre e-Bay | [0] comments (5 views) 

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