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Squat Sex Gets Him Off Good

How to Squat on him (also referred to as "The Catcher Position")

First, you must be in shape with strong legs and not tire too easily -- strong thighs and butt muscles will prevent tiring. Get him to lie flat on his back on the FLOOR (you need a sturdy surface to balance properly). With your feet flat on the floor around his pelvis, squat down on him and ride his pee-pee dink up and down while clenching your pussy/ass muscles tight around it as you go up over the head of his dick -- when you go downward, release your squeeze to take his cock all the way in to its base, then clench again when you raise up on the shaft to the tip of his dick. While doing so, keep your knees pointed upward at all times and don't slam into his groin during motion -- simply tap base and then move back up quickly. It is best to lube your cunt/ass well before doing this for maximum effect. When riding, focus your mind on the lubed piston inside you and engage in a steady, non-stop rhythm, making sure his dick does not pop out. For maximum effect while doing this to him, massage his pecs, stomach muscles, and chest hair with your hands and talk dirty to him, telling him how much of an attractive, hot stud he is to encourage him to orgasm. The more foul expletives you use the better you will get him off. Call yourself a slut and a whore, for example, while riding him. If he uses his hands, tries to thrust up or take control of the action, tell him to stop and let you do the work. Due to the force of gravity, his cum will ooze out of your cunt/ass and down onto his balls, so be sure to have a towel beneath to catch his sperm or you'll stain your carpet. This position works great when riding guys with big cocks, such as Lexington Steele. Little dicks tend to pop out of the hole. This sex position will get him off good. If you want something from him, fuck him like this a few times and he will give you anything you want, or give you money to go shopping with. Also, while he is in a state of utter joy with his eyes clenched shut, you can reach for his wallet and he'll never know it. Gals (and guys), the Catcher Position is a great manipulation tactic to get what you want, but don't be greedy. Use it sparingly so he doesn't "catch" on.

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Meet Mr. Dick


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She sucks dick like a fag

watch the good little 18 year old cocksucker whore

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Off to Hunt

Website exposes cheating men. One, posing as a U.S. Marshall, got himself busted by the cops.

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Flying Nun's Carlos Dead of Lung Cancer

See his cheap grave here:

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