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Tue Jun 13, 2006

The Little Tiger Cat� Cut and Diced

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Today The Little Tiger Cat� finally had her spay. Now she will never be able to replicate herself. It's fine; there are millions of cats who need homes in the world today, just like people. Now I don't have to listen to her periodic heat cycle bouts where she howls mournfully wanting sex. But the whole friggen thing sure cost me, $255 bucks in all. I'm not taking my cat to that vet clinic again. Too damn much money. They also said she needed to be treated for tape worms because they say they found a thing on the fur of her ass resembling a poppy seed that indicated she had worms, likely gotten from fleas. However both cats do not and have not had fleas since their escape from the trailer months ago. I put that expensive flea stuff called Advantage on their necks every month just to ensure they're free. They never scratch. But the fleas can be brought in from the outside of this dust-ridden trailer park. Anyway I had tho have her given a shot for that along with her vaccinations. And then they wanted some $50 more for pain medication for her. They told me it wasn't necessary. I said I'd wait to see when the morphene wore off if she were hurting first. As I suspected she's over the morphene and playing like a normal cat. No sign of pain. The cut in her belly is very small, as she is a very small cat. She acts completely normal now that the morphen has worn off. I don't think she needs pain killers. Her appedtite is good; she ate some fresh baked salmon I made for dinner tonight. Think she'll be fine while the incision heals. Will swab it with a cotton ball soaked with peroxide periodically. I sift the cat box every day so that's clean more or less; they just got a pile of new fresh scented clumping cat litter that costs $15 bucks for 35 lbs. Man I sure take good care of my cats. The idea someone suggesting they have fleas and tape worms irritates me. Nevertheless, I'll have White Paws treated with a shot for worms too, not that I believe it, but I could be wrong. Somehow my gut ESP reaction says what they really saw was a piece of the sticky, small grain clumping cat litter stuck on her instead. I bet some of you vet pros reading this will agree with my opinion that the bill is too high. Well that's what we do for our pets.

What a bad day I had. I also had a doctor's appointment for 10:45 this morning. I followed their advice to arrive 30 minutes before. As I waited everyone that came to the waiting room got seen before me I noticed. Then along came 10:45 and no doctor. Then 11:00 came and no doctor visit. I finally got up and asked them why it was taking so long that I'd been there nearly an hour waiting. They told me that the doctor was running late and I'd have to wait another half hour or more. To which I told them to cancel my appointment. I went and got my co-pay back (which they hate) and went home.

The eyelid stye thing was better this morning anyway. It's shrinking away just fine with the regimen of the antibiotic I've been taking. Also I took a Septra for my lungs as I've gotten a cold and my lungs were getting a little gunk in them as they always do. So my body is taking a double-whammy of help. I figured the doctor couldn't do any more than that for me, except to prescribe me some delicious pain killers to knock me out. But even that tasty thought didn't convince me to stay to wait for Mr. Busy. It does feel like a stye in my eye, but this one's up higher on the eyelid and in the corner which distorts my vision in that eye a little. It has shrunken considerably since yesterday. So no loss on the doctor. The thing is he's the ONLY ONE I can see. I asked them why not another doctor but they said he was the only INFECTIOUS DISEASE doctor on board. When I heard the infectious disease title I got a creepy feeling. More of that self-loathing mental madness I guess. It just all creeped me out and I walked out and came home to lie down.

See, I wasn't feeling so hot sitting all that time in those uncomfortable waiting room seats of theirs -- terribly tacky, stiff things with wooden arm rests and straight up backs. A person could get fucken bed sores sitting on them too long. If only they'd had a couple of lovely divans or lounge chairs about -- then I could have taken some shut eye during my wait. I've got a minor cold, aches and pains and I just wasn't up to the whole thing today. Even the cat hospital adventure was taxing. With a poor immune system you take on bad junk and the only thing to do is REST comfortably for it to pass through without too much exposure to new "outside" germs by going about in the environment. All those nasty people touching things like the door, writing pens, money, etc. getting on me, crawling on me, going up the side of my face, crawling into the corners of my mouth, going down my gullet... no, rest and isolation are the only effective methods of knocking it out.

So I bummed out on my doc appointment and got ripped at the vets today. The 13th was bad luck for me and it ain't even a Friday.

Ah well, tomorrow is, as Scarlett O'Hara said, another day!

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