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What do men want?
What is the one thing that most guys dream about? Is it money? fame? Nope, it's not either of those. What most guys want is to have a hot babe in bed every night, and the easiest way to acomplish that is to have a massive dick. You think guys with huge cocks have trouble picking up hot young asses at the club? Hell no! All the ladies in the club see his monster cockin his pants as soon as he walks in the door. Most of you losers are now probably thinking, so how do you get a huge dick like that? You can't, yes, it's sad, but you are shit out of luck, if you weren't born with a big dick there is nothing you can do. What about pills, dick exercises, etc? Trust me, none of them work, I've tried it myself. Either way though, there is nothing really wrong with having an everage dick, but expect to pick up only average girls with equipment like that.

Crazy Loon Reviews "The Omen"

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a new spin on the concept of timeshare vacations, is the brainchild of two British entrepreneurs who are seeking 5,000 people to develop 200-acres (81-hectare) of a lush, Pacific island. Apply online now!

-- Humpf! It all sounded too good to be true, except the 5,000 people part, which is way too many... How about just 100 or so, instead? Too many cooks spoil the pot. With all those dirty butts around it defeats the point of a "tropical island retreat." Read this Reuters news story about (with video):i>"...all I know is I just want this thing out of my house. I wouldn't say I am afraid of ghosts because I have no proof that they exist, but this thing is freaking me out."

"There's a Sucker Born Every Minute"
Remember car pool lane protester Greg Pringle from Aurora USA who was fined for using a blow-up doll named "Tille" as a passenger so he could speed to work in the car pool lane? Well he's sold the famous HOV Lane Mannequin on e-Bay for -GET THIS- $15,000 bucks! We'd love to meet the sucker fool enough to pay that for a dummy.


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